ZimmerFrei: LUMI


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256 pp.

The collective ZimmerFrei was founded in Bologna in 2000 by Anna de Manincor, Massimo Carozzi, and Anna Rispoli. Their practice often combines different languages, ranging from documentary films to video art, from sound to environmental installations, photographic series, performances, workshops, and installations in the public space. Revolving around the ideas of identity politics, otherness, and togetherness, in LUMI—the title of ZimmerFrei’s latest film—vision becomes a social act, where seeing is no longer an equivalent to a direct perceptive act but to the “racial production of the visible.” With introductions by the anthropologist Francesco Remotti and the curator—and editor of the book—Martina Angelotti, the book includes the scripts and an exhaustive visual documentation on the production of the trilogy of short films that make up LUMI.