Songs for living / Songs for dying


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192 pp.

Part survey, part artist’s book and part visual essay, this volume embodies the Thai multimedia artist’s passion for expansive storytelling Bangkok-born, Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Korakrit Arunanondchai (born 1986) probes the thresholds of birth, decreation and death through his video, painting and installation works. In his series Songs for Dying Songs for Living, Arunanondchai processes personal tragedy in two video installations along with paintings and other pieces. Arunanondchai takes up canonical mythological references and symbols for grief–such as ghosts, shamans and a dying sea turtle–and investigates the social and political realities of Thailand. This volume embodies the spirit of Arunanondchai’s practice by complicating art book categories; part survey, part artist’s book and part visual essay, the book contains a tripartite structure and boasts a dynamic cover design, full-bleed images and numerous critical essays.