Balla ’12 Dorazio ’60. Dove la luce


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184 pp.

Balla ’12 Dorazio ’60. Dove la luce is published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati in Lugano. As suggested by the title, which is inspired by a poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti, the central theme is light. Curated by Gabriella Belli and designed by Mario Botta, the exhibition offers a visual exploration of affinities between two of the most significant figures in twentieth-century Italian art: Giacomo Balla (1871–1958) and Piero Dorazio (1927–2005). The former, an undisputed master of Futurism, created his fascinating Compenetrazioni iridescenti in 1912, while the latter is one of the most interesting artists of the postwar period, with his marvelous Reticoli created in 1960, which are said to have been inspired by Balla’s works. Balla’s play with geometric forms, color, and especially light kick-started the abstract art movement, with Piero Dorazio perfectly in tune with his practice fifty years later. This richly illustrated publication, featuring essays by Gabriella Belli, Francesco Tedeschi, and Riccardo Passoni and an additional interview with Mario Botta, highlights connections between Balla’s and Dorazio’s themes, techniques, and languages. The catalogue is informed by extensive archival research, rich critical apparatuses, and a dedicated section on the exhibition’s design by architect Mario Botta.