The first monograph of the artist Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, Fatal Attraction covers over a decade of work spanning collage, video, installation, and sculpture. Drawing on camp horror and pop fiction, D’Angelo’s work stems from bloodthirsty vampires, bad romance, South Korean cinema classics, and the Hollywood blockbuster Terminator 2. Through imagery that is equally haunting and seductive, D’Angelo’s works stage a frontal assault on conventional thinking, to reveal subconscious levels of lust, fetishism, and fear. Included alongside video stills and alluring installation shots are sketches, notes, and scripts that showcase the unruly emotional economy behind intimate topics like HIV, violence, and shame. With essays by Travis Jeppesen and Kathy-Ann Tan as well as a conversation between the artist and Karina Griffith, Fatal Attraction is an audacious discussion about reimagining belonging, outlaw desire, and undying love.