Post-Performance Video, Prospective 1: Los Angeles


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Post-Performance Video: Prospective 1: Los Angeles is the first exhibition dedicated to Post-Performance Video with a special look at the works of four artists working in Lon Angeles or having trained in this city: Coleman Collins, Rodney McMillian, Nathaniel Mellors, and Anna Wittenberg. It is in line with Post-Performance Future, a concept invented and developed since 2012 by Marie de Brugerolle to qualify the legacy and the impact of performativity on the visual arts and the forms it produces. One of his areas of research is film as performance: performing the film/filming the performance. It is about offering ‘impure’ motion-image installations, there will always be a heterogeneous object in space and the viewer will be physically summoned. The hybridization of cinema and television, in the city of ‘The Industry’ is invested by the notion of expanded stage {Set} and programmatic or post-performance storyboards. It is also a reflection on ‘projections of the world’: the automation of work, human relations, power strategies, which artists displace and make visible.