Of course I’m not sorry


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160 pp.

Tyra Tingleff?s paintings twist and squeeze the abstract tendencies of the medium. The works never alight on any one reference point; their surfaces and semi-tangible forms are ever restless, locked in an infinite loop, colors and forms seamlessly intertwining and redistributing into a vibrating, ever-expanding universe in whose depth the gaze finds no orientation. Nebulous forms appear from nowhere, breaking through areas of raw, untouched canvas. Built up through these varying layers of application, a cross section of traditions are acknowledged, yet ultimately refuted, as Tingleff strives for an absence of language.00’Of Course I?m Not Sorry’ is a colorful and lively journey through Tingleff?s artistic practice. Accompanied by her titles?intimate personal notes with the capacity to speak to all of us?the featured images offer a poetic commentary on conflicting emotions.