Histories Read Across, Fluentum’s inaugural issue that opens the publication series In Medias Res, examines how (his-)stories are told, narratives are conceived, and knowledge is produced. The historical trajectory of Fluentum’s grounds in Berlin-Dahlem, framing the crucial timespan from the building’s construction and operations as a Nazi military compound to its subsequent use by the US military as their headquarters in an intensifying Cold War standoff, serves as the base for this questioning. Taking a broad approach to method, In Media Res engages with archival, artistic, and curatorial strategies, while giving space to researching the past by marked differences in technique from across a wide swath of historical contexts. With this, In Medias Res #1: Histories Read Across unfurls a densely knit but profoundly open field of things that both depict historical events and disclose their own situatedness. The central methodology of the publication is reflected in a multi-page spread of photographs and archival documents developed together with the graphic studio HIT. The source material, extensively unpacked here, is collaged as to overlap across time, place, and origin, creating a vast resource that allows for a non-linear encounter with history, reflecting on methods of archiving and story-telling. Placed on an equal footing with those research approaches, contributions by artists and filmmakers such as Noah Barker and Max Eulitz examine and respond to the gathered source materials, contributing a variety of tools to the task at hand.