Enrico Cattaneo. Studio Marconi 1968-78


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688 pp.

Enrico Cattaneo: Studio Marconi 1968–78 is Fondazione Marconi’s first editorial project dedicated to the study, documentation, and mediation of the history and cultural heritage of this Milanese gallery, and the numerous personalities that have crossed its path. Created with the involvement of prominent figures in the international artistic and curatorial panorama, careful research in archives, and historical reconstruction, the project complements the foundation’s other promotional activities by which it seeks to tell this story, with particular attention to a transversal audience both geographically and generationally. The photo selection reproduced in this volume aims to document, albeit in a non-exhaustive way, Studio Marconi’s activities from 1968 to 1978 as seen through the eyes of Enrico Cattaneo, one of its most active photographers in those years.