Zweikommasieben 26


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In this issue, many of the featured artists are aware of the circumstances that they are embedded in. Subsequently, the objective realities of creating the music and culture which we cover with zweikommasieben are foregrounded. Rather than only focusing on music’s inherent qualities, the magazine highlights what is necessary to be able to produce and participate, and who has these resources at their disposal. The often-sobering view on music and art could be read as disappointing. However, the texts, their authors, and the featured artists also reveal their strategies for navigating their situations and how they aspire to find ways of moving towards a more sustainable context for everyone involved. A red thread running through various entries of this issue is the focus on the importance of community: Lazer-Gazer and Noise Diva, two representatives of the Amsterdam scene, see collaboration at the heart of their practices. In another contribution, the Berlin-based label Unguarded makes a plea for their community as an (artistic) support network. Such a support structure is also acknowledged by Sega Bodega in his interview. Those and the other contributions are responding to the shared reality of creating anno 2022.