Yogurt: Mojo flavour


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The Yogurt’s flavours are a biannual publication by Yogurt Magazine What is Mojo? Is it “Malombra”? “Malasuerte”?Is it a hateful gaze?
Or the invisible spying on you? Is it that shiver down your spine in an empty room? The fear? The night? A sorcery spell that bewitches everything around? Mojo is an amulet. It defends us from all this. In this issue, Yogurt aims to explore this kind of suggestions.
Therefore, the theme of the new call is the shadow, the magic, the unknown, the unexpected, the misfortune, our deepest fears, but also everything that haunts and disturbs us in our everyday life. Mojo evokes obscurity and traps it in its pages to protect us from what we fear.