Works fall true


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240 pp.

Works Fall True pairs artifacts and documents with essays, interviews, and a curated selection of Ryts Monet’s works, embarking on a Warburgian investigation into the shifts of narrative devices following the downfall and disintegration of the empires and ideologies that shaped them.
Through the lens of media ecology, the book analyzes how the remnants of utopias and ideologies of the 20th century continue to influence and interact with contemporary culture, capitalism, and the environment. It portrays the remnants of bygone empires not merely as historical ruins but as vibrant entities that either harmonize with or disrupt contemporary realities.
The body of work by Ryts Monet guides us in a visual and narrative dialogue with texts and fragments from authors, philosophers, and artists, from Franco Bifo Berardi to Vilém Flusser, from Irmgard Emmelhainz to Ursula K. Le Guin, from Ted Chiang to Devin Fore, inviting us to reflect on how the drifts of symbols and their constant transformations offer new perspectives on the changing of empires and ideologies throughout history.