What men Wear and Why


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What Men Wear is an oral history of male dressing in the 21st century from the makers of Fantastic Man. Three years ago the biannual style magazine set out to investigate the ins and outs of men’s wardrobe habits through an online series of interviews named Questionnaire. First question: What garment is key to your personal style? From there, a riveting series of insightful testimonials, often hilarious and highly revealing, unfolded. Clothing proves the perfect starting point for fascinating discussions not just on style, but also on character, upbringing, society, memory and everything else. Fifty of these Questionnaires now appear in this handsome printed compendium with interviewees including architect John Pawson, artist Grayson Perry, singer Devendra Banhart, grime MC Novelist, milliner Stephen Jones and writer Will Self. Also included are three special and sprawling bonus interviews, live from the dressing rooms of designers Stefano Pilati, Charles Jeffrey and Paul Smith. So much for nudity!