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‘ToiletAlex PaperPrager’ magazine is an original project born from the encounter between the visionary world of ‘Toiletpaper’ and the uncanny imagery of Alex Prager, American artist, director, and screenwriter. The magazine features a back-to-back of twelve images by Alex Prager and twelve conceived by ‘Toiletpaper’: the alluring aesthetics, vibrant colors, and characteristic visual deviations found in ‘Toiletpaper’ enhance Prager’s universe, and reciprocally so. The artist’s exploration of the delicate boundary between reality and fiction, utilizing her unique blend of archetypes, everyday objects, humor, and allegory, forms the core of a tantalizing and enigmatic journey. This new magazine is in continuity with ‘ToiletMartin PaperParr’, a special publication that in 2018 collected the most iconic images from the prolific archives of the internationally renowned artist Martin Parr and the Cattelan-Ferrari duo. ‘ToiletAlex PaperPrager’ is also the name of the project featured at Toiletpaper Apartment in via Balzaretti 8, in Milan, from April 12 to April 21 on the occasion of the Milan Art Week and Milan Design Week. In conjunction with this event, from April 12 to 21 the American gallery Lehmann Maupin will exhibit in its new pop-up space in Milan (Via della Spiga 48) new works by Alex Prager in a group exhibition of internatinal artists.