The Present


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184 pp.

You entered the world after the quadrennial slumber.
A world that is pristine, that has wiped the slate clean and is now reformed. It first needed to be lulled so that it could be healed and rebuilt. The repair was researched, planned and emplaced on new foundations. A great many would change radically, with procedures that would have to be carried out seamlessly, thus sleep was decided. The awakening occurred gradually as did the restart of the new environment. Everything ran smoothly and transition was painless.
You are now facing earth under a new circumstance. You cannot comprehend it and the knowledge you had no longer applies. Your surroundings are unfamiliar and you cannot decipher if they are from the past or the future. It matters not. You live in reality, in the present, you have been given one more chance and this is a present. Just like our new world. It is a world of wonder and science, made to offer all beings liberties and happiness, health and development, peace and prosperity. Old times are over, a new era has come. Welcome to the age of intellect.
This book is a map. Our new map. A guide, a manual for knowledge, a volume of information. A gift to humanity that records, interprets and introduces the image of the world that is valid now.