Terraforma Journal 1


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Terraforma Journal is a new editorial project by Terraforma. A biannual publication exploring the intersection of sound, art, ecology and contemporary culture at large through different editorial sections—from the carte blanche of IN-SITU, to the critical analysis of READER and ARCHIVE, a display for timeless projects that shape our vision. The issue #1 focuses on the expanded notion of the festival—intended as a collective, multilateral, interconnected manifestation of dynamicity. The theme unfolds through a multiplicity of layers to acquire new and unexpected definitions. Terre Thaemlitz, Fabio Sargentini, Shiraz Arts Festival, Nyege Nyege, Beuys 2021, 2050+, Flora Yin-Wong, Alessandro Bava, Alice Bucknell, and Angela Rui—among many others—explore this angle and translate their vision into the printed matter. Every issue of Terraforma Journal features a special commissioned cover, kicking off with a labyrinthine interpretation by Daniel Sansavini and Studio Temp.  Terraforma Journal is an expansion towards a renovated feeling of togetherness and exchange.