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Synchron is an independent magazine dedicated to showcasing a broad spectrum of niche contemporary art, literature, subcultural practices, especially those developed in antagonism with, or parallel to, the larger commercial art market. Synchron provides its readers with an opportunity to discover ambitious, emerging artists beyond online platforms; and gives its contributors a versatile option to present their work.
This project grew out of an admiration for other international art communities, and a subsequent desire to build one – with the particular understanding that young, self-taught artists and students are a minority in the current print landscape and are often discredited as “off-artists”. Furthermore, in the course of our conversations with these artists about their work and this pandemic, a clear consensus emerged: we feel that the value of (new) artworks is being diminished by endless proliferation of online publications accessed largely through the small shiny scrolling screens of smartphones. This was a major factor in the decision to choose print as a medium.

For the pilot issue the team intentionally did not choose a specific topic, in order to find out what ideas and undercurrents the contributors were collectively reaching towards in our unprecedented times. It was only then, after the contributions had been sent in, that they chose the title “Current Frictions”.