Spiral 2 – Future


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SPIRAL is an annual publication that bridges the gap between football and culture. Each issue is spiral bound, features a variety of paper stocks and will focus on a particular theme that ties in voices from the spheres of art, design, music and fashion. When does the present end and the future begin? It’s a question that was on the team’s mind as it approached the sophomore edition of SPIRAL. The future is always rooted in a sort of fantasy — a utopia that is both a promise and a lie — depending on which member of society you ask. Football, like the country that birthed it, has always reflected both these polarities. Issue II promptly uses this premise as a jumping-off point to tackle what the future of football could hold. Is it a future worth celebrating or just much of the same? It explores everything from the rise of the NFL, how data is redefining the way we consume the game, Fox Sports’ Cleatus, Tom Brady’s undying quest for immortality, the international voices growing the sport abroad, to the women who are spearheading the law and order of the gridiron.