Sali e Tabacchi 4 (Sibilla)


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Human narratives have held center stage for thousands of years. But there was a time when legendary bards, poets, artists, saints, and mystics knew it was their job to channel the stories of animals, plants, and stones. Because when you grow quiet, there is a chance, however unlikely, that something divine will speak to and through you. Sali e Tabacchi Journal’s Riv.04: Voce will explore the role of language and storytelling in communicating oral traditions and expressions. Encompassing an enormous variety of spoken forms, including proverbs, riddles, tales, nursery rhymes, legends, myths, epic songs and poems, charms, prayers, chants, songs, dramatic performances, and more, oral traditions and expressions are used to pass on knowledge, cultural and social values, and collective memory. They play a crucial part in keeping cultures alive. After all, songs often become a place to explore the memory of our country and to sing the hymns of us all.