Opera Aperta


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128 pp.

“Theatricality must restore and cross over from side to side, existence and flesh.” Antonin Artaud With SCENE, Alex Majoli has generated new interpretations about the relationship between men and their daily theatricality. In Opera Aperta, the author takes up the previously developed discourse and exasperates the ambiguity between reality and fiction – “In February 2020, I was in Reggio Emilia, where I was working on a new chapter of my SCENE project, my long-term photographic research about the theatricality of everyday life. While I was searching for new turning points, the pandemic started insinuating itself in my photos; on March 8th, I decided to interrupt the project to photograph the situation in the country. After over a year, I picked the story up again. Opera Aperta is the result of this work; not just photography, but an open paragraph on the contemporary tragedy of Covid-19.”