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MUdec United is the new publication of the MUDEC – Museo delle Culture di Milano. It starts from Milan and extends threads of relationships with the most disparate points on the planet. Threads that connect scholars and scholars, writers for images, artists, places, stories and ideas. Each issue of MUdec United addresses a different theme, starting with the Museum’s exhibitions. Rainbow, the first issue, is linked to the exhibition of the same name, opening Feb. 16, 2023 at MUDEC. It includes contributions from artists, writers, and researchers. While providing extensive information about the exhibition to which it is linked, it is not a catalogue. It’s a pure magazine, a third object, arising from the generative process of ideas (visuals first and foremost) coming out of the Museum and opening it to the world. MUdec United is agile, but with great scientific depth. It envisions respect for cultural traditions, an awareness of the necessary and ongoing work of removing colonial (and linguistic) prisons and fighting against their appropriation. And it takes a step further, toward languages in the making; especially those arising from the new, second and third generations inhabiting the world, starting with the city from which it originates. For this—and for being produced post-Covid—it’s looking at the possible exploration of universes beyond the existing ordinary one: out-of-this-worlds, new worlds, other worlds, seen from a pencil-drawn spaceship. The magazine, edited by Carlo Antonelli, is accompanied by the reprint of a cult text of post-1968 psychedelic culture: The Rainbow Book.