Little White Lies 100


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Little White Lies has been at the vanguard of today’s generation of indie magazines since its 2005 launch, and is still as overflowing with love for movies as ever—even as it reaches is its 100th issue!A great achievement for any magazine and one that further solidifies its position as one of the best places  to turn to for reviews and insightful criticism. In this celebratory issue, the team look both back and forward. As for the cover? It’s wrapped in a special sleeve, concealing one of four similar, but definitely different, interlocking covers beneath… Inside, this special edition is split into three sections: ‘Anticipation, Enjoyment and In Retrospect’. Plus, three special features: ‘the first looking at filmmakers; the second looking at films; and the third looking at the history of the magazine.’ This is one for the film buffs and the collectors. On the Journal: We asked editor David Jenkins to select his most memorable front cover designs from the 100 issues of Little White Lies to date.