Born in Titan, a (former?) working class neighbourhood of Bucharest, Kajet Journalemanated out of an urgent need to provide a platform for Eastern European narratives. Aiming to become a timeless archival document, Kajet gets its name from the Easternised version of the French cahier, meaning notebook. It embodies the ethos of Kajet: a textual & visual collection of thoughts, an assemblage of neglected narratives, a self-expanding string of reflections & perspectives, a perpetual work in progress of a history that keeps re-writing itself; essentially, a journal of Eastern European encounters. With Kajet bearing the piercing & onerous legacy of samizdat endeavours of this region’s past, the project hopes to become an alternative medium where artists & academics can actively co-exist & thrive (not in the least in imagination & in writing, but hopefully more than that).