Japanese in 7


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176 pp.

Japanese recipes with 7 ingredients or less
Japanese food is healthy, delicious and universally enjoyed but despite the popularity of sushi and noodle bars worldwide too few of us cook this delightful cuisine at home. In Japanese in 7 (the latest addition to the in 7 series), Kimiko Barber uses just 7 ingredients or fewer to make deliciously fragrant dishes that you can effortlessly pull together any night of the week.

Chapters are divided into:

*Fresh – vibrant and healthy meals such as Yellowtail sashimi, Hand-rolled sushi and Japanese-style duck orange.

*Comfort – bowls of warming Moon udon, Chicken and miso porridge or Sea bream rice to enjoy on a cold winter’s evening.

*Fast – Dashi-rolled omelette and other meals that can be pulled together in under 30 minutes.

*Light – delicious recipes such as Tiger prawn clear soup and Spinach and tofu jelly.

*Vegan – nourishing plant-based recipes.

– creative Japanese desserts such as Matcha jelly, Kyoto tiramisu and Black sesame ice cream.

– Dashi and flavorsome dressings you can use to quickly create authentic Japanese dishes.