Insomniarghh! Zine 1


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Created by copywriter Kitty Sutherland in collaboration with illustrator Zac Fay and designer Clint Sutherland, the zine is envisioned as a possibly useless but hopefully helpful guide to not sleeping. Insomnia is something that London-based copywriter Kitty Sutherland has a lot of personal experience with. When she didn’t sleep for most of 2019, she started writing down everything that she was learning and feeling during her insidious journey through the dark tunnel of insomnia. “As someone who had never had issues with sleep, it hit me really hard. The more I talked about insomnia, read about insomnia, feared insomnia, the more I didn’t sleep, but also the more I wanted to create something for my fellow sans-sleepers,” Sutherland tells CR. Envisioned as a helpful guide to tackling tiredness, the zine features 24 pages of thoughtfully created content, including illustrations, recipes and a colouring-in section all designed to help you feel less alone while battling insomnia.