Gross Magazine is an arts and culture magazine that is amping up all that a publication can be and do. Although, only a few years in the making, Gross is fast attracting attention and has already obtained national and international distribution. Having worked in artistic capacities themselves, founders Victor Gonzalez and Kevin Peth started Gross Magazine with a desire to create a community that thrives on discovering new avenues in music and art. They also wanted to provide a platform in which they could implement new ideas and continue to cultivate and inspire new and emerging talent. There’s a twist though, every issue has 20+ stickers, all which contain original content showcasing brands, artists, musicians and more to peel off and slap onto laptops, boards, cars, refrigerators etc. But the raddest part is that it’s not a pull out sticker page, the stickers are integrated into the magazine and peeling them away revels more content! Why stickers? Gonzales and Peth started skateboarding in elementary school and so the obsession with stickers began. In an era where people lament that print is becoming less relevant, the gross team is keeping it sticky fresh with this interactive sticker element.