GRÆS is the paper form of that one friend who can talk about languages with you all day long. It even contains many friends inside because multiple people contribute to each issue. And these people are relatable and approachable and ‘one of us’. At Graes they love to hang out with language-enthusiast friends who can actually keep up and play along when discussing linguistic topics. Those people who don’t just say ‘oh, that’s interesting’ and refer to us as ‘the language person of the group’ (although admittedly, that’s a pretty cool label). Learning languages is fun, but learning about them is also very fun. This magazine isn’t really meant to help someone learn a language (although the bilingual texts could be used for this). It exists for enthusiasts like you and the rest of us who gladly consume stories, essays, and art about them. They’re the types that get a kick of endorphins when watching a film and some random character unexpectedly pops up speaking their target language. They’re among the small number of people in the world who get a rush of excitement when they find the connection between two seemingly unrelated words in two different languages. They are Græshoppers, hopping from country to country, enjoying all the weirdness, the fun, and the intellectually interesting things this world has to offer.