Get up to speed with the latest wellbeing-led product releases, from a stress-reducing light that mimics breathing patterns to a hugging chair for behavioural and emotional support. Discover three need-to-know studios exploring design’s potential as a tool for self-healing. Find out how parasympathetic responses to our environments could boost our immune systems, how simulated realities can be employed to support stress reduction, and the significance of recognizing and embracing care as a holistic process. Garner insights into how design can destigmatize psychedelics and pave the way for neurodivergent education spaces, and how housing can get wellness right. Uncover how spatial design can be employed across sectors to promote restoration and reinvigoration. Learn from global industry leaders what wellbeing means in the context of retail, and how design solutions can contribute to it. See how’s Amsterdam HQ infuses wellbeing into the architecture of the building – and then optimizes the interior through co-creation, testing and tweaking. Take visual and conceptual inspiration from cross-disciplinary creative concepts that help establish healthier habits and habitats.