FRAME’s 2023 special issue (February/March) kicks off the year by putting the current state of spatial design under the microscope. FRAME AWARDS 2022

Honorary: An in-depth interview with Lifetime Achievement Award winner India Mahdavi. Plus, Designer of the Year Elena Salmistraro, Emerging Designer of the Year Fumihiko Sano Studio, and Client of the Year Adidas.

Retail: Victoria Stiles of Australian property developer Mirvac on designing for a circular economy, plus the four category winners.

Hospitality: Larry Traxler of Hilton Hotels and Resorts on the changing hotel typology, plus the five category winners.

Work: The many nuances of the future workplace, courtesy of Philippe Paré of Gensler France, plus the three category winners.

Shows: Natasha Greenhalgh of Nxt Museum on the connection between body and show, plus the three category winners.

Living: Viviane Stappmanns of Vitra Design Museum on un-designing, plus the seven category winners.

Institutions: Mark Raggatt of ARM Architecture on the changing role of architects, plus the four category winners.

Executional: The three category winners: Light and shadow alter sensory perception, colour defines spatial boundaries, and raw materials form the ingredients of an open-ended office.

Products: The post-trend society according to Yorgo Lykouria of Rainlight, plus the four category winners.

Market: New releases from Flos, Pedrali, Lensvelt and more.