Forgotten Architecture


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Forgotten Architecture project was created three years ago. The idea behind is very simple: rediscover projects by little-known architects, forgotten works and to deepen “minor” figures. Started by Bianca Felicori, researcher and author of architecture, the project has become a social phenomenon and has shown the potential of the digital world, giving life to a real active community of professional and non-professional. Today, Forgotten Architecture is a book, trying to maintain its characteristics of collective, dynamic and horizontal experience, born on social networks. To remain faithful to the group’s principles, the central chapters use the architectural categories published most frequently on Facebook as a content outline: from ephemeral architecture to playgrounds. Many of the texts were written and edited by active members of the group, who freely interpreted the architectural theme. Each chapter is then accompanied by a selection of projects published online, each of which shows, in the caption, the name of the person who shared it on Facebook. The book is the result of a long research and collection of material, possible thanks to the collaboration with professional firms, private archives and institutions. Professional photographers such as Giovanna Silva, Luca Caizzi, Federico Torra, Roberto Conte, Stefano Perego and large architecture and design studios and archives such as Gaetano Pesce, Fornasetti, Nanda Vigo, Vitra also contributed to the publication.