Flow Diary 2020


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A new year brings with it the promise of fresh new beginnings, and the sense that anything is possible. A clean state, so to speak. And what nicer way to celebrate that clean slate than with a clean diary? Blank pages just waiting to be filled with appointments, dates with yourself, lists, fun things to do, chores, mini breaks and long vacations. And, we also hope, those non-agenda-related things, such as something you have heard or read, doodles you make while chatting on the phone, hopes you have for the year to come, and maybe even momentoes you’ve pasted in from a lovely day out. But let’s not forget to try and keep some days totally free, for pure ‘me-time’. We know this isn’t always possible; daily life goes ‘get in the way’ after all! But, as we like to remind ourselves: If we keep running all the time, we’ll miss the beauty along the way. Good luck and enjoy!