Favela Narco Pets


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160 pp.

From a zine trilogy to a hardcover book. The initial idea behind the Favela Narco Pets zine trilogy originated as a derivative of Favela Máfia, intending to shed light on the more lighthearted and amusing aspects of Rio de Janeiro’s infamous criminal groups—specifically, Comando Vermelho (CV) and Terceiro Comando Puro (TCP)—using various social media platforms and exclusive, directly for 550BC created content. While these criminal factions are primarily recognized for fighting each other for territory and engaging in enterprises such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking,  and protection racketeering, it’s important to acknowledge that their occasional involvement in the exotic animal trade also intersects with their customary operations. On occasion, members associated with CV and TCP acquire exotic animals, employing them as symbolic trophies and valuable resources within their criminal circles.