Fast Food & Patents 8


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Sweet salutations and welcome, kind reader, to the very first edition of our new satellite magazine Fast Food&. When brainstorming for our regular issues, we often have a hard time letting go of those ideas that didn’t quite make it. So, think of Fast Food& as an hors d’oeuvre at a drive-through, immediate and flirtatious. Published between regular issues, it’s a liminal space for us to play with ideas that are too bizarre, and yet too brilliant to trash. Throughout the pages that follow, we dance with the merging theme of food and patents*. What are the ways in which we take ownership of the food we eat, cook, or design? Can a recipe ever really be ours to claim? Prepare to digest stories about culinary superiority complexes, everything you’re legally allowed to call milk that isn’t really milk, and one man’s emotional and financial decline at the hands of an exquisite recipe for sushi made of fruit. Take your time reading Fast Food& Patents, for if inspiration strikes, you’ll want a pencil in hand to capture the magic.