F Magazine 23 Mushroom


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The theme of the 23rd magazine is ‘Mushroom’. Mushrooms, which have various shapes depending on the type, are a type of fungus that does not belong to either animals or plants, and is divided into a fruiting body and a mycelium. The mycelium that absorbs nutrients is attached to tree roots in the form of fluff or thread, and the reproductive organ that blooms to spread offspring by making spores, that is, the fruiting body, corresponds to the mushroom we use for food. Mushrooms that represent each region, such as button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, morel mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms, are closely related to global gastronomy with their natural savory taste and unique scent. In particular, truffles, which are famous as a specialty of the central region of Italy, have a value comparable to that of precious metals and have been used as high-end ingredients. Meanwhile, outside the realm of classic gastronomy, it is emerging as a key material for developing alternative meat and new materials, and is expanding its possibilities infinitely.