Eyeyah! 2 – Food


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Eyeyah! is a series of advertising-free activity books that use art and design to talk to children about social issues. Our approach stems from the principle that children are visual learners and visual aids improve learning by 400%. Three times a year, we engage 40 illustrators and graphic designers from around the world to create an artwork inspired by a specific social issue. A playful gaming element is built into the reading experience which includes spot the difference, intricate ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired illustrations, complex mazes, jokes, colouring-in and many other artwork inspired activities. The publication is aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. The visual approach lends itself to child-led learning and is being used as a resource by teachers and parents. Concentration, observation and attention to detail are rewarded whilst creativity is used to change perceptions and provoke new points of view.