EY! POSTER BOY , EY! POSTER BOY 1 Sean Ford by Gus Van Sant


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EY! POSTER BOY Each new issue will feature one boy photographed by a renowned artist. The first issue is shot by cult artist / filmmaker GUS VAN SANT and starring adult films actor SEAN FORD. Limited edition publication, only 500 copies on sale worldwide. 24 posters printed in 200 milligrams high quality matte coated paper. High quality reproductions. The posters are two sizes: 25 x 35 cm (9,8 x 13,7 inches) and 50 x 35 cm (19,6 x 13,7 inches). The posters are printed both sides, so when putting them together it results a huge 100 x 200 cm (39,3 x 78,6 inches) The posters are sealed inside a transparent protective folder.