Fundamentally Human Life Beyond The Algorithm – As soon as we started feeding our data to technologies, creating this extricable limbo where everything coexists equally at the same moment, our lives were defined once for all. We live in a new present defined and rearranged by the algorithm. A present where the momentum of individual empowerment goes hand in hand with a crushing disempowerment. Caught in a digital age where everything seems intimate to us, but nothing really is, we should consider what kind of experience we are having of ourselves. How much of our lives do we process through algorithms? How much of our journey of self-discovery and self-awareness is happening through screens? There are conscious ways to reclaim self-sovereignty, purpose, clarity and gain agency over our data, tools, and destiny. What we hope for is a counterculture able to develop a narrative that is based on the unique characteristics of the human experience in the face of a machine-powered society.