Desired Landscapes 6


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Desired Lanscapes – a magazine reading into places – is a pocket-sized biannual print edition, by the people who write the stories of today’s cities. It explores the sense of a place and the notion of the representation of the urban experience through graphic design, mapping, poetic observations, the vernacular and ephemera. A collection of desired landscapes, person-to-place bonds, iconic images, personal texts and imagery, urban clichés to be demystified. This issue invites the experience of the city as a sensory map. Cities set in motion through bodily movement. Cities from a distance, and amidst them, running and dancing, suspended above. Cities as vessels of shifting memories, places and moments we want to preserve, or forget. Issue 06 takes you to MIAMI – ATHENS – STOCKHOLM – VALENCIA – NEW YORK CITY – KYIV – BOLOGNA – BEIRUT – DHAKA – SABADELL – BERMUDA – and a city guide to SAN FRANCISCO