Così fan tutti


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Così fan tutti. 1974 – 1983 presents over 1.300 unpublished portraits, from the private archives of Giusi D’Orsi and Jean-Pierre Maurer, which were created as part of the famous campaign Bevo Jägermeister perchè. The advertising strategy, entitled Così fan tutti, was conceived by the GGK Düsseldorf agency for the German market and it was launched in Italy in 1974 commissioned by the Meran entrepreneur Karl Schmid and signed by GGK Milano. The advertisements, that had been published for over a decade, entered into the history of Italian advertising and its collective memory, in particular due to the innovative use of ordinary people as testimonials and for the original strategies that had been adopted in spreading the ads. As a matter of fact, it was in line with the German Unikat Kampagne, in which each subject was published only once and on a single side of paper.  Così fan tutti. 1974 – 1983 features the archives of two of the protagonists of the campaign – Maurer, the official photographer, and D’Orsi, the art buyer appointed by GGK to search for testimonials – and allow us, for the first time, to reconstruct the history of over ten years of Bevo Jägermeister perchè adverts, to analyze its debate with Italian society at the turn of the 60s and 80s and to reflect on the meaning of publicly showing one self. The book was realized thanks to the support of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and is co-published with Foto Forum Bolzano as part of the exhibition of the same name, which runs from 27 April to 22 May 2021 in the streets of the South Tyrolean capital – through a series of public posters – in the window of the exhibition space in Via Weggenstein 3 – by means of a video installation – and on Foto Forum’s social channels.