Buffalo Zine 16 – Hotel Chelsea


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The sixteenth issue of Buffalo Zine takes place entirely within the walls of New York City’s legendary Chelsea Hotel – a residence and a refuge for an extended list of cult artists and rare individuals. For over a century it has been the backdrop to literary, musical and cinematic masterpieces. The Chelsea Hotel has just reopened its doors after having been suspended in a state of endless construction for the last decade. Every room in the hotel has its own decor of stories, anecdotes and dark legends. Inside this issue you will find the remnants of a past time in New York City, as well as the artists, musicians, designers, thinkers and directors that make up the present. Reinvent daily rituals with Patti Smith, get in bed with Marina Abramovic and take a peak at John Waters most treasured belongings. Binge on wine and strawberries with Earthearter, have a Hennessy on the rocks with 070 Shake and go down to the lobby bar for one more drink with Lydia Lunch and Bibbe Hansen. Sing along to the piano with Miranda July and rave all night along Mckenzie Wark and Hanna Baer. Discover Vaquera’s New York City secret spots, embrace mayhem like Kembra Pfhaler and wind down in a hot bath with Christeene. Spend a night exploring the hotel with John Wilson before Chloe Sevigny comes in with her crew of maids. And also! Meet the long-time tenants who have managed to keep their vibrant apartments inside The Chelsea Hotel.