Amag architecture magazine 27


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The first project presented in this title illustrates the ‘modus operandi’ of the three firms featured in this issue, Clancy Moore, Ryan W. Kennihan and Steve Larkin Architects, in a simple and figurative way. Common to all 3 practices, the design process always begins with the interpretation of the location and the simultaneous understanding of the client’s and the programme’s needs. The meaning of each project is generated collectively and progressively in the encounter between the people who inhabit it, the environment in which it is embedded, and the dialogue established between the parties, from which a solution is devised and built. An inextricable dialogue between pre-existences, post-existences and established relationships, which not only reflects and offers a growing sense of consistency in and with time, but also a response thought out on the scale of and from the individual viewpoint of human beings and their existence. Each project thus represents an addition to a place, be it partial or total, material or immaterial, that not only becomes part of the landscape, but whose encounter with and incorporation into the natural context allows for and reaffirms its total sense of belonging and shared use. A slow architecture, whose characteristic and fundamental purpose is well-being, adaptability and the enhancement of such simple and common issues as living, sharing, freedom, encounters, the collective, permanence and condition. Entirely devoid of any symbolic or stylistic pretension.