A Week Abroad – Lanzarote


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Founded in 2019 by Charlène Lambert, A Week Abroad is a collection of travel books to live a week like a local. Seekers of sincerity and humanity, A Week Abroad meets up with entrepreneurs, chefs, artisans, creatives and nature lovers who share their favourite local spots with you. Local products, good hidden restaurants, traditional crafts, wild landscapes and natural treasures, live the addresses that your friends from all around the world could have given you. Through analog photographs, books and digital reports, they tell you their stories. The stories of locals, who embody the local culture. It is they who give the tempo, the smell, the taste and the character of a city. Their passion also takes shape through their art, the objects and the unique pieces that the craftsmen create with their hands. For each of our destinations, find a selection of local handicrafts, soon highlighted in our eshop. AWA help travelers, curious about living new experiences and meeting new people, discover the people and enjoy their authentic recommendations, while bringing the benefits of tourism to local economies. A Week Abroad reinvents travel by opening the mind and the senses, creating social bonds, and promoting local economies.