AMAG special issue it’s a combo with AMAG 32 ATELIER ORDINAIRE | EGR ATELIER | JEAN-CHRISTOPH and AMAG PT 03 JOÃO MENDES RIBEIRO. AMAG 32 brings together 3 french studios, with very different approaches, contexts of intervention and languages. Atelier Ordinaire, founded in 2014 by Thomas Walter and Angèle Maillard, in Strasbourg; EGR Atelier, founded in 2013 by Frédéric EinaudiMaxime Gil et Anthony Rodrigues, in Marseille and Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte, founded in 2003 by Jean-Christophe Quinton, in Paris. In AMAG PT 03 is in the delicate relationship between the minutiae of detail and the wholeness of the project that Mendes Ribeiro’s architecture must be understood. He is certainly one of the architects whose work is expressed above all by a know-how, one that is close to craftsmanship, where, in addition to the design, the texture of each material is important, be it wood and its various joints and fittings, metal, stone and how they articulate with one another, or even fabrics (in the numerous stagings he has created). Architectural works that, also for this reason, integrate so well and complement the past of a heritage that has always been the result of painstaking and inevitably slow manual labour. That is why these creations can only be appreciated slowly and attentively.